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the freshman's life will come to an end. and the sophomore's life is around the corner.i really amaze that how time flies. one year have passed so quickly. it remains so many thing that deserve me to treasure.when i entered our university, i felt blue and in bad shape. because i blew off steam for that i haven't been into the university i dreamed of.however as the time flied and i realized that it's water over the dam. so i must face the music.then i gradually learnt the ropes and got a second wind. i believed that the high scores that i entered school demostrated that i have the upper hand to be the best. although my english was a bit poor, i think that if i get a head start i could be the front runner although it's a long shot. during leisure time, i chipped in all kinds of activities to broaden my horizon.such as watcing some shows or listening some lectures. i also have very good friends. they ofen go to bat for me when i'm in trouble.the first time i met them, they rolled out the red carpet for me. i remembered that once i'm in bad shape, noddy accompanied me to the hospital and soon i back in to shape.the teachers are responsible and friendly, they often help me when i'm off base. the future is unpredictable. maybe i 'll face more pressure. however, no matter what will happen. i'll never say uncle to myself.




when a small part of the wealthy chinese meet into a well-off life standard, when some shameless corrupt official eat good drink good, spend our state property , when some " second generation" spend money like water. can you realize that, in our republic with a same piece of the country, under the same blue sky, there are so many children who cannot attend school because of poverty?


as we sit in the clean and spacious classroom , whether we can imagine, in the distant mountains, a place, have such a group of children, cave is their classroom, in addition to chalk, they don't have any tables and chairs, the teacher and students can only sit on the ground, they wear old clothes, eating steamed bread have hard as a stone, such harsh environment, as a child growing up in the city, can you imagine?

当我看到这些镜头,我的心很悲凉与痛楚,我觉得命运非常不公平,为什么我们可以穿名牌衣服,吃肯德基必胜客,得到很多高端电子产品,为什么他们这么可怜,他们在这么恶劣的环境里继续他们的学习,但让我吃惊的是,据可靠数据,在中国每年至少还有100万儿童因家庭贫困仍然不能去上学。 when i see these pictures, my heart is very sad and pain, i think that fate is not fair, why we can wear famous brand clothes , eat kfc、 pizza hut, get a lot of high-end electronics products why are they so poor, they in such a harsh environment to continue to their study, but to my surprise, according to reliable data, in china every year at least 1 million children from poor families still can't go to school

my dear fellows, do you really think that they are born to suffer? or born to be poor? let’s make effort to donate some basic necessities and build some school for the poor children.(why)

you may ask me why, ok, let me explain by this way.

first of all, let’s us make effort to improve their living condition. we can through the civil society organization donate some basic necessities, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. we can use a small part of money from the donation to make sure every child in the mountains areas can eat some fruit everyday to improve their nutrition. we can require the government give them the basic allowance every month

second, build some school for the poor children. when it comes to build schools or helping a child to go to school, you must think that it may cost us a lot of money. because such kind of thing is far away from us, but if i told you that, according to statistics, if you want to build a school in distant area, the cost is 20thousand yuan .what’s that represent? as we all know, our company has seven thousand staff, each one donated20 yuan, 20 thousand yuan is enough to build 7 school in distant area, helping9 students to go to school.20yuan is not a big deal for us but your kindness can change a child’s life.

lastly, our company will



suppose one saturday, you open the web page of souhu to watch the big bang theory as usual, but suprisely, you only find a sentence stating—we are sorry to tell you because of some reasons concerning policies, we cannot provide services for you to watch this tv program. don’t feel disappointed too early, that is just the start of censorship of internet videos. according to the state administration of radio and television, in the future, all the american and british tv programs need to be censored and get the certification before being broadcast. chinese censorship of films has been a controversial issue for a long time, and now, instead of improving this merchandise, the state administration of radio and television decides to expand it into the field of internet videos. from my perspective, we, as the audience of internet videos, do not need censorship of internet videos. there are three major reasons.

to begin with, we don’t need such a costly merchandise. the amount of film produced is 500 to 700, while the amount of internet videos including both films and tv programs produced should be larger than 1500 every year! it is an enormous process to go through all these videos, which is actually a waste of time and money. from the perspective of internet video web sites, besides importing american and british videos, they also need to prepare related files and waiting for officials going through the content and making decisions. the time of procedures varies, which can be as long as years or as short as five days. but we all know enthusiasm of audience can decline a lot after a period of the first issue of the foreign films and tv programs. so web sites may face a risk of not producing as much profit as they expect at the point of buying the copy rights, resulting in a loss. that is not good for importation of foreign films and tv programs.

what’s more, we do not need a hand to close the window of culture facing the outside world. on the one hand, we know more about foreign cultures by watching foreign films and tv programs on the internet. 34 films imported every year, which are mostly hollywood films having little connection of foreign daily life are not enough to satisfy our curiosity. from house of cards, we know how american political system works; from the big bang theory we understand american humor; from

downtown abbey, we learn something about british aristocracy… on the other hand, we know more about ourselves in the eye of others. as china is playing a vital role in the trend of globalization, many films and tv programs would like to add some chinese factors to attract chinese audience. although sometimes there may be some subjective comments about our ruling party and ideology, the officials cannot just hope to ban these films and tv programs by censorship. chinese proverbs always remind people of accepting others comments modestly, and if that is right we need to correct our weakness; if that is wrong we should be cautious to avoid. therefore, censorship and prohibition is not an efficient measure to eliminate criticism.

just as the picture shows, the director of the big bang theory responded to chinese prohibition with stereotype of chinese government and crazy irony.

at last, we do not need officials to regulate different cultural opinions. the amount of audience of films for 2014 is more than 600 million, which is larger than the sum of 6 internet video web sites. and most of the audience of internet videos is college students. as a member of this small and well-educated group of people, i think we have enough knowledge to make judgment about what is beauty what is ugly and what is right what is wrong. in addition, college students are at the stage of forming their comprehensive philosophy of the world and human life, thus they should be facing diverse resources of information and should not be limited to a narrow range of values. advice from artistic masters or professions is welcomed, but government officials who pay much attention on political stability rather than art are not needed to choose the suitable films and tv programs for us.

in consequence, china should cancel the censorship of internet videos, because

1. we do not need such a costly merchandise

2. we do not need a hand to close the window of culture facing the outside world

3. we do not need officials to regulate different cultural opinions

i believe chinese film and tv program industry will be more prospective without censorship of internet videos.




今天我要竞聘的是一年级班主任工作。 俗话说“万事开头难”。教育也是如此。一年级班主任只要了解了儿童的心理特征,找寻一些符合儿童心理特征的有效的管理办法,对症下药,有的放矢,就能做到事半功倍,所有问题也就迎刃而解了。具体说来我计划从以下几个方面入手:























看课外书籍的孩子设计一个“亮眼睛”奖等等,多方面的调动孩子的积极性,“天生其人必有才,天生其才必有用!” 每个孩子都是一个潜在的天才儿童,只是表现的形式不同,但是他们都拥有自己的独特潜能和发展方向。只要有恒定的目标,只要有学习的愿望,每个孩子都能够形成自己的优势学习风格,发展自己的强项智能,弥补自己的弱项智能。每一个孩子的闪光点都有可能成为别人的竞争目标。






















个人卫生:要求衣着整洁,做好“三勤”,桌箱勤清,物品勤摆,两操勤做。 班级卫生:每天早、中、晚分派值日生清扫,设立卫生监督岗,进行检查与监督。对于主动、及时打扫卫生的同学或小组,进行奖励。同时利用花草美化环境,并进行爱护环境和花草的教育。




班级管理中还应注重个体的发展,在各项活动中挖掘各种人才及学生的潜力,使班上的每个同学都能在某一方面得到进一步的发展。因此,在班级继续开展各种活动。如:文明小标兵评选、小书法家、小发明家、小诗人、数学小博士和爱书人等各种评比活动。在这些活动中,大力推出新人、新作,让每个孩子都敢于面对大家展示自我,充分锻炼自己,提高学生的自信心。另外,充分利用班级板报加强管理。 还给孩子们一个金色的童年。这学期,我将会蹲下身子和学生说话,用心去交流,用欣赏的眼光寻找孩子身上的每一处闪光点。我相信,只要关爱孩子,尊重孩子,宽容孩子,我们就能找到开启学生心灵的钥匙。上述措











我又一次静下心来,回首我走过的路,有辛酸,有快乐,当然也有让我会后悔的种种选择。人们常说,世上没有后悔药,这是不变的真理。既然后悔并不能改变任何情况,那就让我(来源好范 文网:wWw.haoWorD.CoM)们慎重对待每一次选择,少留遗憾。

也许,这样,也许,那样 我就。。。。。。

我小时候一犯错就会原谅自己,总会替自己找理由。但事实上我心里明白,是自己做错的事,自己犯下的错误,用谎话就想天真的瞒天过海,我相信每个人都有过类似的行为。 高考的失利,我曾责怪自己,为什么没有再下点功夫,再努力一点,也许我的人生就会大不一样。那一段时间,我有点失落,但是,我人生第一次独立决定关于我的大学专业。所以,尽管大三的我,常常会抱怨那时的我,选择应该再谨慎些的,应该再于父母交流商量的,但是此时说的这些,都是空话,我即将毕业。我的人生,仍在继续。



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